saudi arabia

In the year of 2008 AWT Ltd. saw an opportunity to start a construction & contracting company named "FIC Ltd." in Riyadh city as a Foreign investment type. FIC Ltd. has participated in various projects from steel fitting  to construction works on the Riyadh Metro project. Currently FIC Ltd. has contracts for construction works on the Riyadh Metro.

AWT has ended partnership with FIC in 2018 and no longer investing in Saudi Arabia

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AWT Ltd. was established in 1991 by Eng. Abdulsalam El-Kadri and partners. Eng. El-Kadri also founded GC which was established in 1980 but was terminated in 1991 and all operations were transferred to AWT Ltd. Major projects have been executed over the past 35 years. AWT Ltd. constructed residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects across Lebanon. During the 90's AWT owned and operated a Ready Mix Concrete plant. Now AWT is involved in major Supply/Apply Prefab homes/offices as well as major contracts with NGOs operating in Lebanon.


AWT branched out to Agadir city in Morocco in 2005 and established construction company "Aljudi Ltd.". Aljudi has executed investment type projects mainly in the residential sector. The most recent project was a subdivision of 105 lots that has completely sold out.

AWT has ended partnership with Aljudi in 2018. We are currently seeking other investments within Morocco and developing company's land assets. 

Please feel free to connect with us if you have interest in investing within Morocco.